About NewsTank Academic: our vision and mission 

Higher education and research are at the core of the knowledge economy in which the world is evolving now.

Understanding the challenges, strategies and evolution of the education and research systems in Europe is the foundation of our mission.

News Tank Academic: who we are 

News Tank Academic is the international brand of the French specialised news agency News Tank Education et Recherche, based in Paris.

Since 2014, we have been covering policy decisions, legislation and major trends in education, higher education and research in French for a mainly national readership. Our editorial team (currently more than 15 people) also monitors news from universities, grandes écoles, research bodies and funding agencies. Of course, this very close monitoring has led us to develop our international coverage, with a permanent presence in Brussels as well as Berlin.

From May 2024, we offer an English version of our content: News Tank Academic.

We are targeting all French and European institutions. We provide :

  • a "Policy" information area: dedicated to European governance in higher education, research and innovation;
  • an "Institutions" information area: we deal with the strategies and issues of the main higher education institutions, business schools, funding agencies, research operators, transfer and technology agencies, etc.

Our product: a unique way of developing and disseminating information

News Tank's motto is "Make informed decisions". It's all about reinventing the concept of the news agency in this age of data, social networks and the explosion of high-quality information on the web.

Hence the desire to return to the foundations of journalism, with factual, neutral and responsive information, enriched by data produced by all the journalists using a tool integrated into the publication software.

Expert analysis, directories of people and organisations, folders for storing articles, choice of scope and reception time for the Quotidien or Hebdo, keyword alerts... Our subscribers have all the tools they need to personalise their experience.

Our role: connecting stakeholders by informing them 

News Tank academic’s mission is to inform all categories of stakeholders and to help break down barriers within the sector. 

We bring the news and analyse it with rigour and impartiality, aiming to help the development of higher education, research and innovation, which are essentials in the future of Europe. 

Through our responsiveness and expertise, we: 

  • promote decision-making, 
  • generate debate and exchange, 
  • support and shed light on trends in higher education and research fields. 

We aim for excellence. 

Our entire value chain (press agency, online magazine, News Tank TV, events such as Think Education and Research) helps to connect the stakeholders of higher education and research in Europe. 

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